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Our ''Make the world a better place'' Projects


Construction of Wells in rural India. (Where clean water was inaccessible)

Studies show that disparities exist in water accessibility to this date, in rural India; depriving Indians of a basic human right and a clean environment. By constructing wells, we can reduce these disparities by providing access to clean water.


Donations of food and clothing through Trinidad and Tobago after Tropical Storms

Trinidad and Tobago is no stranger to the impact of tropical storms. Oftentimes, severe flooding can lead to displacement of individuals, property, and livestock loss. By donating food and clothing to flood victims we assist in providing their basic needs during this time.


Over $5000 to share a meal foundation

Food shortages can be witnessed globally. In some areas, food security can be a major issue as climate change impacts can reduce arable land and water availability. This poses a serious threat to humanity. By donating to share a meal foundation, multiple organizations collaborate to provide meals for those who need it the most. 


Food distribution to over 250 families in Bihar, India

Famine is sadly no stranger to India as unequal food distribution exists across the nation. Bihar is the third largest state by population, as a rural community, access to basic human resources are difficult. We were able to provide over 250 families with meals through donations.  


Food distribution to over 300 families in Kenya, Africa

Being known as a drier area Kenya is home to some of the most vulnerable people as its population is approximately 46 million people. Being so densely populated, food availability can be a major issue as almost 15 million people face food insecurity and poor nutrition annually. Through food donations over 300 families were fed. 

Our business is dedicated to making to world a better place.  

We're focused on helping businesses grow while improving the lives of many people around the world. 
Over 50% of our profit is donated to humanitarian projects locally and worldwide.

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